New Semester Checklist: Fall 2016

Here are a few tips to help you get started with Canvas for the Fall 2016 term.

1. Create a Course Site. If you haven’t requested your site yet, now’s the time. It’s easy! Use these instructions to request your Canvas site.

2. Get Help. Register for Canvas Office Hours & Workshops at the Weigle Information Commons to meet with experts who want to help you.

Want a workshop for a small group, team, or department in the Fall 2016 term? Request one through this form.

3. Learn about What’s New in Canvas and Other Tools. If you used Canvas at Penn last year, you might recall there were a few changes that happened just after the end of the Spring 2016 term. If you need a refresher on these changes, or if you are new to using Canvas at Penn, please see:

4. Request Your Course Reserves. Planning to have the Penn Libraries’ Course Reserves Service add content to your Canvas site? Please review the Course Reserves Information.

5. Publish Your Site. Students are added to Canvas course sites automatically, but they can’t access course content until the site is published. Just click the Publish button when you are ready!pblsh_cnvs_st

Questions? Email us at, or contact your local support provider.

Here’s to a great semester!