IMPORTANT: Changes to Turnitin Coming May 17th

Changes to Turnitin

This summer we will be changing the way that Turnitin integrates with Canvas. The legacy integration we currently use will no longer be supported, and we are planning to make the change between semesters on Tuesday May 17th.  After we make this change, any previously generated Turnitin reports in Canvas will no longer be accessible.

This change will not affect assignment submissions or grading done in Canvas, only direct access to the Turnitin plagiarism reports. Reports run through will also not be affected by this integration change.

Directions for downloading Turnitin reports can be downloaded as a PDF in this link:
Bid farewell to the old Turnitin and strap in as a we approach the new Turnitin!

Ongoing Academic Integrity Issues

Directions for downloading Turnitin reports can be downloaded as a PDF through this link. If you are involved in any ongoing academic integrity investigations, we recommend backing up the relevant reports prior to May 17th. It is not possible to bulk download all Turnitin reports for a specific Canvas assignment, so any report you wish to retain must be individually downloaded.

New Instructions for Turnitin

After the change to the LTI the setup process for Turnitin will also change. For instructions, please click on this link.

More Information

Please click on these links to download PDFs with more information about the new Turnitin:


Please direct any questions about Turnitin to

Last Updated: 30 Mar 2016