Request a Customized Canvas Workshop!

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Have a Unique Need?

Most Canvas users do! That being said, some folks intend to use Canvas in ways that require special information and instruction, more than what we offer in our scheduled Canvas workshops. If you think you, your department, or your program fall into this “extra special” category, we recommend requesting a customized Canvas workshop.

How to Request a Customized Canvas Workshop

You can request a customized Canvas workshop by completing the customized Canvas workshop form.

Reasons for Requesting a Customized Canvas Workshop

These are just some of the reasons why you would consider requesting a customized Canvas workshop:

  • Your department or program needs help setting up Canvas sites for special purposes or projects.
  • Your department or program employs special forms of examination or assessment and needs to know if Canvas can support such activities.
  • You teach, TA, or support a course that has complex and/or specialized enrollment practices that affect the course’s structure and types of assessment used (Cohort A submits Assignment A, Cohort B submits Assignment B, . . . etc.).
  • You are using a flipped/hybrid-learning model or are teaching an online course and want to know how Canvas can support this kind of learning environment.
  • You belong to a team that supports faculty and students and need to learn more about Canvas’s administrative functions.


Please email Courseware Support ( if you have any questions about customized Canvas workshops.

Last Updated: 1 Feb 2016

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