Fixed! No More Folder-Name Bug in Canvas!

Good News!

Woman holding a laptop with a screen that shows the word "FIXED!"

You might recall a blog post from January 5th about about a pesky bug affecting folder names with spaces in them. Well, we’re happy to report that this bug is fixed! Moving forward, Canvas will use folder-name validation to prevent this bug from happening.

What Happened?

Files were not loading if they were located in folders with spaces at the end of their name. Folder-name validation has now been added to Canvas to ensure folders are not saved with an extra space at the end so that these files can display properly. In our testing, we have also seen improved loading of files in courses in which this issue was occurring, but Canvas engineers have indicated that some folder names may need to be edited manually to remove spaces to resolve the issue.


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Last Updated: 14 Jan 2016