Lost SpeedGrader Comments in Firefox

We have learned about a new Firefox bug affecting SpeedGrader. When a Teacher, TA, or Grader uses the margin commenting feature for annotations in SpeedGrader with Firefox, they must click outside of the comment bubble on another area of the document in order for the comment to be saved. This has led to several cases where final comments are not being saved when the user navigates to the next student submission.

We recommend the following workaround for this issue:

    1. Use a supported version of Google Chrome or Safari instead of Firefox.
  1. If you must use Firefox with SpeedGrader, make sure to click out of the comment bubble onto another area of the screen when adding your final comment on a paper to ensure that it is being saved before navigating to the next student submission.

Also, please note that if you leave SpeedGrader open for a submission for a long time, you can also lose comments, even when working in supported browsers. While it might seem that this behavior is the same as the Firefox bug, please be assured that it isn’t. Rather, it is the intended behavior of SpeedGrader when it has been open for a submission for an extended period of time.

Timeout Issues in SpeedGrader

SpeedGrader has a session timeout of 60 minutes. When a a Teacher, TA, or Grader opens a document in SpeedGrader, Canvas will save all annotations for the next 60 minutes. After 50 minutes have passed a pop-up warning appears with instructions on how to restart your session to ensure additional edits are saved.

SpeedGrader timeout message

Failing to restart your session may result in lost annotations so we recommend adhering to the warning to ensure all feedback is saved.

Last Updated: 16 Oct 2015

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