Register for the 2015 Symposium Lightning Round!

Got 2 Minutes to Spare and a Great Story or Idea to Share?

If so, then please register to present during the Lightning Round at the 2015 Engaging Students through Technology Symposium! The Lightning Round is a series of VERY short (two-minute) talks that  introduce colleagues to an instructional technology or tool that you have used to engage students and enhance your own pedagogical practices. We record the talks for the Penn Libraries YouTube Channel. We hope to avoid “info-mercial” style talks and to encourage sharing technology experiences that may not have worked as anticipated. (The term ‘epic fail’ came up often in our brainstorming sessions…).

Woman doing "the Thinker" in front of a blue sky.
Thinking innovative thoughts about ed tech? Please sign up to present at the 2015 Symposium Lighting Round!

Who Can Present?

We invite faculty, staff and graduate students to share. (Check out the April 2015 presenters).

Which Topics Have Been Presented in the Past?

Last year’s speakers discussed topics ranging from in-class polling tools to 3D printing. Here’s the complete list.

How to Register to Present in the Lightning Round

Fill out the online form, and you will receive a respond soon after your submission is reviewed! You can browse the current list of proposals here.

More Information

Please see Dr. Kara Moranski’s post on the PennWIC blog for her account of attending the Lightning Round at the 2014 Engaging Students through Technology Symposium. Oh, and if you haven’t already, please register for the 2015 Engaging Students through Technology Symposium!

Last Updated: 29 Sep 2015

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