How TAs and Staff Request Canvas Sites for Instructors

The steps TAs and staff use to request Canvas sites for instructors is slightly different from those instructors follow.  To start, a TA or staff member logs into the Course Request Form with their PennKey username and password. Then, they proxy as the instructor by clicking on the Request a site on behalf of another user link.

Image of the Request a site on behalf of another user link for proxying a Canvas site request

Next, the TA or staff enters the instructor’s PennKey into the search bar that appears and then clicks on Search.

Image of the search bar into which one enters an instructor's PennKey.

Then, they confirm the instructor’s identity by looking at the name, Penn ID, and email that appear.  After confirming the instructor’s identity, they click on Continue to start proxying.


If nothing happens after entering the PennKey and clicking Search, the Form doesn’t recognize the PennKey. Usually, this means that there is a space before or after the PennKey, or that there are characters missing from the PennKey, or that it’s incorrect (meaning, it’s misspelled or isn’t actually a PennKey). If this happens, please check to see if any of these errors have caused the issue, and email Courseware Support at if you cannot determine the cause so we may assist you.

The TA or Staff can verify that they are viewing the Form as the instructor by checking the “Requesting on behalf of . . .” information that appears where the instructor’s information did before they clicked on Continue.

Image showing the

Once proxying has begun, the TA or staff will be brought to the instructor’s Course Request Form homepage, which is what the instructor would see if they were requesting the course. The homepage will display any sites the instructor has requested, as well as their existing course sites. The courses for which you can request Canvas sites will be listed in the “Courses” section of the homepage.  To request a Canvas site, click on a course’s section number under “Courses.”

Please click on the screenshot to enlarge.

Example Course Request Form homepage with section number identified for making a site request.On the next screen, you can specify whether you would like to access content from an old Canvas course site and be able to add it to the new Canvas site. You also can change the course title as it displays in Canvas, request to have sections broken out in the site (if any have been established for the course), request electronic reserve service, and provide additional information.

Please click on the screenshot to enlarge.

Example site request page with settings and button explanation.

At this point, you can choose Submit Request to finish the process or click Update Queue to return to the homepage to add another site to the request.

When they are finished submitting a site request, TAs and staff can continue proxying to request additional sites on the instructor’s behalf, proxy as a different instructor to request their site(s), or end the proxying session by clicking on Finished.

Please click on the screenshot to enlarge.

Image showing options when finished placing a site request.

What to Do If You Don’t See the Instructor’s Course in the Course Request Form

If an instructor is new to Penn, or if they were assigned to teach a course near the start of the semester, you might not see their course(s) listed in the Course Request Form when you proxy for them. When this happens, please email the following information to

  • The instructor’s PennKey username (NOT their password), email address, and full name
  • The full name and course ID for the site for each course that needs a Canvas site (e.g., Intro. to History, HIST 101-001 2015C)
  • Does the instructor want content copied into the new Canvas site from another Canvas site? If so, please give the full name and course ID of the site from which they want content copied (e.g., Intro. to History, HIST 101-001 2014C). If you are requesting to have content copied from another instructor’s site, they will need to contact Courseware Support at to give their permission for this copy before we can proceed; if you have been granted this permission beforehand, then please let us know.
  • Does the instructor want our Course Reserve department to have access to this site? For more information about our Course Reserve service, please see:
  • Does the instructor want to have follow up contact from a Library liaison?


Please email Courseware Support at if you have any questions.

Last Updated: 20 Sep 2019

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