New Feature Ideas from 6/3!

Why Canvas Feature Ideas Matter, and Why You Should Participate!

Have you ever been working in Canvas and thought, “Gee, I wish Canvas were better designed for my course”? If so, then you should consider using Canvas Feature Ideas. By placing and voting for Feature Ideas, Canvas users can influence development decisions for future Canvas releases. Pretty nifty, eh?

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It’s Time to Improve Canvas!

For the most recent Canvas release update, please see Canvas Production Release: June 6, 2015.

If you are new to Canvas Feature Requests, please click here to learn more about the great influence Canvas users wield over its development.

June-3rd-Feature-Idea Highlights

Here are a few of the June 3rd Feature Ideas that stood out to Courseware Support at Penn. To view a Feature Idea, please click on a link and, if it sounds like something you want to see in Canvas, vote for it! You can even leave comments about the Feature Idea if you’d like to add anything to it or want to start a conversation with other Canvas users about a particularly awesome idea.

Ability to restrict “Send messages to individual course members” at the course level

Ability to change a users role without deleting the user

Allow students to set online status

Full Points for Any One of Multiple Correct Answers

Option for Extra Credit in Quiz

Download Assignments in Concluded Course

Extend Times Per Student Not Per Quiz

Expanded View for Quiz Editing

Default Font Size

Provide Tool to Disable an external tool

Robust Errors for SIS Imports

Export Entire Course Sites

Want to See More June 3rd Canvas Feature Ideas?

Click here to see the full list!

If you have any questions about Feature Ideas or anything else Canvas-related at the University of Pennsylvania, please contact Courseware Support at

Last Updated: 4 Jun 2015

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