2015A Canvas Sites Now in “Past Enrollments” for Students

As of today, 2015A Canvas sites are now in students’ “Past Enrollments” list.

To access the “Past Enrollments” list, students must enter Canvas, click on Courses, and then click on View All Courses. On the next page under “Past Enrollments,” students will be able to view their past courses.

Students Sitting on School Building Steps
Students can find their 2015A Canvas sites in their “Past Enrollments” list.

If an instructor has placed a 2015A site in another term, it will still appear in a student’s Courses tab until the instructor asks Courseware Support to place the site in the 2015A term.

Students who want their 2015A sites to remain in their Courses tab can follow the customization instructions in this link:

How do I customize my Courses drop-down menu?

On May 31st, 2015A Canvas sites will be moved into the “Past Enrollments” list for Teachers, TAs, and Designers.

Please see this blog post if you have any questions about term restrictions, and please email Courseware Support at canvas@pobox.upenn.edu for assistance.

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