How Do I Find My Canvas Sites from Past Semesters?

The “How Do I . . .” series gives instructions on how to use Canvas features and tools. If you have any questions about what’s covered in this series, please contact Courseware Support at

What Happened to My Old Canvas Sites?

Man raising hands in frustrationCourseware Support has removed Canvas sites from past semesters from users’ Courses menu and enabled date restrictions on past courses in Canvas to make them read-only. This prevents both students and instructors from making any additional changes to the site. This action was taken to resolve some issues where instructors were editing past sites (instead of current ones) and for basic housekeeping (since these courses get moved out of a user’s course list).

How Do I Find My Old Canvas Sites?

To access a Canvas site for a past course, please log into Canvas, click on the Courses tab, and then click on the View All Courses link. On the next page under “Past Enrollments,” you will be able to view your past courses. You can enter a course by clicking on its link.

Why Can’t I Access Certain Content in My Old Sites?

The read-only status affects your access to certain content in your old Canvas sites. For instructors, if there is any content in any previous sites you have problems accessing, please let us know and we can re-enable full editing access to them. For students, please ask your instructor for permission to access this content, and if they allow it have them send an email to Courseware Support at in which they request to have their site re-enabled.

Why Can’t I Enroll People in My Old Canvas Sites?

As with content access, the read-only status prevents you from editing your old Canvas sites, including any attempts at enrolling new people. If you want someone to have access to your old Canvas site, please contact Courseware Support with that person’s full name, PennKey username (NOT their password), their email address, and the role they should have in the site (e.g., TA), and we can re-enable the site and enroll them in it.

Is There Anything Else I Should Know?

Yes. Please note that the read-only status for past courses does not affect the ability for instructors to copy old course content into new Canvas sites. Copying content from an old course into a new site occurs during the course-site creation process. For more information about requesting Canvas sites, please see:

Requesting Your Canvas Sites

Also, please note that the read-only status affects how your course links display in your Courses drop-down menu, as only Canvas sites for current semester courses appear on it.

And What Should I Do If I Need Help?

Please contact Courseware Support at if you need assistance.

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