Coming Wednesday, January 7th: Changes to Canvas Files

On the morning of January 7th, Canvas files will have a new interface:

New Canvas Files
The New Canvas Files

Here are some of the main changes you will see:

  • Files will be fully searchable by file name, offering quick access to add a folder or upload a file.
  • The left panel will show all folders for quick navigation.
  • Clicking the name of a folder will display all the contents of the folder in the right panel.
  • For each file, users will be able to view and sort files by name, the date the file was created and modified, the name of the person who modified the file (if modified by another user), and the size of the file.
  • Files will also be published and unpublished within Files. Files will only be able to be published and unpublished within the Files page. If a file is placed in a Module, Modules will only display the state of the file; you will not be able to directly publish or unpublish files within the module itself.
  • When a file is selected, Files will displays the file toolbar at the top of the window:


Using the toolbar, users will be able to download the file, edit the file name, share the file, delete the file, and move the file to another location. Users will also be able to edit permissions for files, including setting the state of the file (published or unpublished), scheduling availability dates for the files, or making files available to students who have the link. Users will also be able to download, rename, move, or delete a file using the Settings icon for each individual file. Users will be able to select and manage multiple files at one time.

Want to Learn More?

Please see the “Files Redesign” section in the 12/20/14 Canvas Production Release Notes.

Need Help?

Please email or click on Help > Report a Problem from inside Canvas for assistance.

Last Updated: 20 Oct 2021

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