Hiding the Files Area in Canvas

Jay Treat (SAS Computing) explains why Files is problematic for students.

Jay C. Treat

file-cabineThe file cabinet in your office is a great place to store your files, but without your guidance students could rummage in them a long time before they found the files they need. Students might waste time because they don’t know which files are more important or more foundational. Similarly, the Files area in Canvas is a fine repository for your files, but typically it is not easy for students to use.

Designed for Instructors, not Students

Here are some of the problems with using the Files area in Canvas as a way to present educational materials to students.

  1. The content of the Files area is strictly limited to files and folders. You can’t provide a description or explanatory text to accompany the files. You can’t provide headers. You can’t include a link to live quizzes, surveys, discussion forums, assignments, and custom pages that you have elsewhere in your Canvas…

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