What I would have tweeted if I had tweeted during the Canvas Showcase

I often tweet during conferences and special events at the Libraries, but even for a Twitter fanatic like myself (I previously professed my love for Twitter here), it’s hard to craft tweets while you are running an event. But as I’m reviewing my notes from this morning’s Canvas Showcase, I realized that I mostly wrote tweet-worthy segments, all by hand. If you couldn’t join us this morning, here’s some of what you missed.*

  • “Sometimes when I try new things, I start with optional” before making them required. ~ Kris Rabberman, SAS
  • Q for tech use: What are you trying to accomplish that can’t be accomplished otherwise?
  • Tools like Discussions, Piazza offer an alternate means of participation for students who might not speak up in class.
Best use of tech: Jeffrey Babin using his iPad as a timer during the Faculty Panel.
  • “If it doesn’t work, it’s useless.” ~ Jeffrey Babin, SEAS
  • “Communicate (again and again and again)” about what’s there and expectations. ~ Babin
  • When presenting content, give time investment upfront (this will take you 15-20 mins) ~ Gina Barrett, Wharton
  • Field of Dreams Myth: If we write it, they will read it. ~ Barrett
For centuries, known that images make pages more visually appealing. ~ Jay Treat, SAS Computing

Thank you to everyone who presented and attended! Our first Canvas Showcase was definitely a success.

*We’re working on posting slides and other workshop materials on the Canvas Showcase page!

Last Updated: 4 Apr 2014

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