Spotlight on: Final Grades

It’s easy to download your grades from Canvas and submit them to CoursesInTouch. Here’s how to do it in three easy steps.

Part 1: Canvas

Go to a Canvas course site and click on Settings in the left-hand navigation menu. Click the Edit Course Details button. Check the box for Enable course grading scheme. Click the view grading scheme link. A popup window will appear in your browser. Click on the Pencil icon to edit the scheme, if needed, and adjust the values for each letter grade. Click on Done and then Update Course Details button to save your grading scheme. (Screenshots)

In the same Canvas course site, open the Gradebook.  Click the Gear icon and choose the Download Scores (.csv) link to download an editable Microsoft Excel file. (Screenshots)

Part 2: Excel

Final grades may be uploaded in either an Excel file (.xls) or a comma delimited file (.csv). The file will need to contain the student’s PennID and final grade, but additional columns can be present in the file. Only the PennID and final grades will be used in the uploading, and you will be prompted to identify which columns these are. The SIS User ID column is the PennID number column in a Canvas Gradebook file.

A single row of column headings must be the first row in the file, followed immediately by rows of data. Any additional rows between the column headings and data should be deleted.

Part 3: Courses In Touch

Follow the directions at to upload your grades to Courses In Touch. (See section 13.4 Uploading a Grade Roster.)

Last Updated: 10 Dec 2013

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