Up and Running with Canvas from Lynda.com

Lynda.com is a fantastic resource that we at the Libraries use for a lot of our tech learning needs. Lynda recently released a new courseware course, Up and Running with Canvas. This course is a fantastic introduction to some of the features of Canvas, with a few caveats with relation to Canvas at Penn. Here’s what we like, what’s different, and how to access the course.

The Lynda.com course had a few sections that went into details on items that are key to getting started or aren’t covered in our workshops. I recommend the following chapters:

  • Navigating Canvas
  • Course Homepage
  • Setting up the course syllabus
  • Adding a grading profile
  • Creating assignments
  • Creating quizzes
  • Adding rubrics

There are some big differences with the open Canvas environment and the one we are using here at Penn.

  • There’s no need to register. We’ll create your account for you.
  • Courses are requested through the Site Request Form, not created in Canvas.
  • Your students will be enrolled automatically.
  • Using the same course with more than one section? Get in touch with us.

How do I access Lynda.com?

Several departments and schools at Penn provide access to Lynda.com. The Weigle Information Commons also has access. For more information about logging into Lynda.com at Penn, see http://www.upenn.edu/computing/lynda/

Last Updated: 1 Oct 2013

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